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Your support is crucial in defending the decentralized Bitcoin ecosystem.

To donate anonymously, click "donate in bitcoin" and enter "N/A" into the information fields. Please note that anonymous donations are not tax-deductible.

When you donate, you can choose how your contribution is allocated among the following options:

  1. General Fund

    Purpose: To advance the overall mission of the Peer-to-Peer Rights Fund.

    Usage: 100% of your donation will directly support our core activities, including legal defense, affirmative litigation, regulatory guidance, and public education. None of these funds will go towards overhead costs.

  2. U.S. v. Rodriguez & Hill (Samourai Wallet)

    Purpose: To fund the specific legal defense of the Samourai Wallet founders.

    Usage: Your donation will be dedicated to covering legal expenses for Keonne Rodriguez and William Lonergan Hill, ensuring they receive the best possible defense in their critical case. This support is vital for protecting the non-custodial Bitcoin ecosystem from harmful legal precedents.

  3. Operations Fund

    Purpose: To cover the operational and administrative costs of the Peer-to-Peer Rights Fund.

    Usage: Donations to this fund will be used for the essential day-to-day operations that keep our organization running.